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King George Central Development Heralds a New Era in “Healthy” Design

As Brisbane embraces sustainable development, Arden's staircases exemplify a "Healthy by Design" approach.

Several major Brisbane developers and government officials, including Leighton Properties and Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, have adopted the Heart Foundation of Australia’s “Healthy by Design” initiative. The initiative calls for buildings that provide employees with the option of taking in moderate exercise while at work. Street level staircases encourage daily exercise, allowing employees to move easily between floors while still maintaining secure access control.

Unlike a monolithic elevator core, a staircase engages its environment, creating a feeling of openness and lift. Healthy street level stair installations, such as those incorporated in the new King George Central Development, make use of light from upper levels, creating a continuous visual flow. Where the closed, air-tight confines of an elevator discourage speech, a staircase often inspires conversation.

The “Healthy by Design” initiative underscores that successful urban renewal is not only about revitalizing urban buildings, but revitalizing the inhabitants of those buildings. By providing a healthy alternative to escalators and elevators, staircases provide a convenient way to boost the energy of both the building and the people who work there. Employees relish the opportunity for physical activity, while developers attract distinguished tenants who value a productive, healthy workforce.

As Lord Mayor Campbell Newman explains, “King George Central is a good example of the direction we want to see commercial development and workplaces heading in Brisbane, and it is consistent with my vision for a greener, more active city.”

Arden’s extensive experience in designing and installing healthy architectural staircases has won the company commissions in numerous commercial, industrial, and corporate buildings. According to Arden’s project manager Matthew Browne, the firm is currently designing a staircase that spans 30 floors in a new Brisbane development. As he explains, “We endorse the idea of designing commercial staircases to suit the Healthy by Design initiative.”

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Published on: 06-Aug-2010. Topic/s: Feature staircase design