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Date November 2004-April 2005
Client Peregian Beach Constructions
Design partner Peregian Beach Constructions

Sunshine Coast Residence 02

A great example of a cantilevering stair
Sunshine Coast Residence 02 (2005) Peregian Springs, Peregian Beach

The floating effect of the cantilevered treads and the unsupported landing seem to defy gravity

Stringer: Residential grade Precious Silver Pearl powdercoated folded plate mono-stringer to the lower flight.

Treads: The cantilevered landing structure and upper cantilevered tread flight require substantial pre-sheet heavy steel wall framing. Manufactured 64mm pre-finished Blackbutt treads are screw-fixed to the lower flight via the folded tread plates and the cantilevered upper flight treads are mounted on in-wall steel frames. These stairs were factory clear finished prior installation.

Balustrade: Cantilevered 12mm clear toughened glass balustrade fixed to 38mm stainless steel patch fittings support the satin stainless steel 50.8mm CHS continuous handrail fixed to glass-mounted 12mm pin brackets.