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Date June-July 2009
Client Valle Commercial Interiors
Design partner Design by Arden
Consulting engineer Facet Consulting

Sciacca Lawyers Offices

When openness and natural light are the priority.

Sciacca Lawyers Offices (2009) 270 Adelaide St, Brisbane.

An unusually tall rise and restrictive fire safety requirements created the unique situation of high bounding walls and a rather tight stairwell. Trying to maintain openness and high levels of natural light became the priority. Conservatively opting for an open structural steel staircase supported by the bounding walls with clear glass balustrade became the obvious choice.

Stringer Construction: Commercial grade Precious City Pearl powdercoated steel plate and gusset open mono-stringers including landing support and column (MS2).

Treads: Pre-finished select grade 53mm Spotted Gum manufactured treads with rebated 33mm Latham 322S “Sparkling Black” non-slip nosing strips.

Balustrade: 50mm SHS satin stainless stanchions with clasp patch fittings supporting rectangular 8mm clear toughened glass in-fill balustrade, and Continuous 38.1mm CHS stainless steel handrail. (C4).

Other Elements: In-wall structural steel.